Prosecco with homemade Elderflower- sirup   4,70 €

Prosecco with strawberrysorbet   5,50 €

Kleibls Peach 

(Prosecco, Rinqunquin, Greenteasorbet, rosemary, pink pepper, berries)  6,80 €

Rinquinquin a la Pèche (Provence Liquer from peach, Lemon, icecube 5cl )

6,00 €


(only at the evening)

Prawn on popped glass noodles with wasabi espuma, avocado and grapefruit


Braised jaw from beef in red wine jus, pea puree, vegetables and pommes rissolées


Lemmon- mousse filled with strawberry-mint and ice cream

                                                                                                                                    30,00 €


Small mixed salad   4,10 €

Salad with balsamico- olive oil- dressing   5,20 €

Asian asparagus soup with mushrooms, lemongrass, onions and coconut milk   6,20 €

Onion soup with chicken- chantrelles- dumplings   6,50 €

Bouillabaise from freshwater fish   9,00 €

Bowl with couscous, Salad, humus, avocado, passionfruitcaviar and Stripes from Chickenbreast  8,90 €

Backed Potatoe filled with egg yolk, on truffled spinach foam and roasted chanterelles   13,00 €

Vitello tonnato (slices from veal with tuna sauce)   13,00 €

Tatar from Salmon trout with apple- cucumber- salad and cucumber- espuma  14,90 €


Asparagus with boiled potatoes, sauce hollandaise or butter   15,20 €

… with medallions from pork   20,00 €

… with filet from Salmon trout   24,00 €


Schnitzel Bavarian style (breaded pork with sweetmustard and horseradish) 

pommes, salad and homemade ketchup   14,20 €

German Ravioli with chorizzo sauce, fried onions, potato salad and mixed salad   14,90 €

Braised jaw from beef in buttermilk bun with mustard caviar, Port wine- onion- jam, salad leaf, slice from tomato and country potatoes   15,90 €

Roasted trout with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and boiled potatoes  16,00 €

Roasted breast form chicken on flatbread with dukha- yogurt and mixed salad   16,00 €

From Grill:

Steak from German Roastbeef with Spätzle (German noodles)fried and cooked onions and vegetables   21,00 €

Filetsteak from beef in pepper sauce with potatoes, pommes dauphine and vegetables  30,00 €

Home made fresh pasta :

Black spaghetti with prawns, zucchini, tomatoes in orange- chili- sauce

  13,80 €

Ravioli filled with Ricotta and white asparagus in sage butter, tomatoes and green asparagus  14,20 €

Tomatoe- mezzelune- ravioli filled with amur fish in Orange- chili- coconut- sauce      14,90 €


Ball from Sorbet   1,50 €

(pear, bilberry, lemon ) 

Ball from ice cream  1,50 €

(vanilla, tiramisu, chocolate)

Affogato al caffè (espresso with vanilla ice cream)   3,50 €

Lavendar tartelette with rhubarb compote and sorbet of rhubarb  8,90 €

Zitronenmousse filed with strawberry and ice cream   8,90 €

Two types of mousse au chocolate with berries and salted caramel   9,20 €

Childrens Menue

Pommes  4,00€


Spätzle (German noodles) with gravy  4,00 €

Small Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (breaded pork) 

with pommes and mixed salad   7,90 €


only advance order

Fondue Chinoise

(Filet from beef, Pork, Chicken )

5 different sauces, fruitsalad with cream,

Pommes frites and black- rice   

20,00 € / person