Tomate soup with Ravioli (filled with Ricotta and mushroom)


Roasted Corn chicken breast, beans and Potatoe- doughnuts

Champagne- Strawberry- cold sweet soup with three tastes of sorbet

28,00 €


Small mixed salad   3,90 €

Salad with balsamico- olive oil- dressing   4,50 €

Pumpkin cream soup with coconut and Croûtons  5,90 €

Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup, ginger, vegetables and coconutmilk)   6,90 €

Grilled octopus with smoked  ricotta cream, 
ratatouille salad and passionfruit vinaigrette   16,90 €

Caramelized goats cheese, cachi, salad and caramelized walnuts  10,80 €

Carpaccio from beef and tomatoes carpaccio with pomegranate vinaigrette 
and planed parmesan   13,80 €


Schnitzel Bavarian style (breaded pork with sweetmustard and horseradish) pommes, salad and homemade ketchup   13,60 €

Veggie Springrolls with basmati rice lemongrass- coconut- sauce.  14,90 €

Steak from the Roastbeef with Spätzle (German noodles) three types of onions
and vegetables   19,50 €

With Thai spices caramelized Catfish on lenses, potatoe- wasabi- puree 
and tomato salsa   22,00 €

 Roasted Fawn steak in juniper sauce with blue cabbage and Potatogratin  26,00 €

From Grill:

Kleibls Burger Pulled Pork Burger in buttermilk bun, wedges 
and coleslaw  14,00 €

Surf and Turf, Beef fillet (200g) and prawn embraced with angelshair with two dips, vegetables and pommes dauphine   32,00 €

Home made noodles:

Rigatoni in Gorgonzolasauce with caramelized walnuts  11,90 €

Ravioli filled with beetroot, Ricotta, Amerittini  
in poppy butter with parmesan foam   14,40 €

Ravioli filled with dear meat, blue cabbage, 
caramelized walnuts and parmesan   16,00 €

Childrens Menue

Pommes  3,50€ 

Spätzle (German noodles) with gravy  3,90 €

Small Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (breaded pork) with pommes and mixed salad   7,90 €


Ball from Sorbet   1,40 €
( Strawberry, Watermelon, Elderflower) 

Ball from ice cream  1,40 €
(Vanilla, tiramisu, chocolate)

Ball from Vanilla cream with homemade liqueur from black walnut  4,20 €

Tappet from tiramisu- ice cream with strawberry salad and billhook  5,90 €

Red fruit jelly gratinated "frangipani" with chocolate cake and homemade sorbet   8,20 €

Sweet chocolate ravioli, filled with vanilla pudding in tonkabeanmilk and strawberry sorbet   8,90 €

only advance order

Fondue Chinoise
(Filet from beef, Pork, Chicken )
5 different sauces, fruitsalad with cream,
Pommes frites and black- rice   20,00 € / person